Hosting packages for DotNet CMS'

UmbHost is an hosting provider with a difference, we give back to the open source community via our sponsorship scheme, this is at no cost additional to you!

We support a wide range of DotNet CMS platforms and frameworks, including but not limited to:
Umbraco, Cofoundry, DotNetNuke (DNN), Orchard CMS, Orhard Core, Pirahna CMS

Our hosting is fully featured, unlike many other hosting providers we include MSSQL as standard, so you can run any DotNet or static website, we even offer PHP and MariaDB (MySQL) on request!

We're launching in Canada & US!

We are launching our hosting service in Canada & US soon, to better serve our clients based on that side of the water.

We will offer the same amazing geo-redundant service we offer in the UK.

Pre register now to know when we launch this service, please include any feedback you may have for our new service.

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Registered Umbraco Partner

.NET Core & .NET 5 Ready

Our servers have .NET 5 (.NET Core) installed

.NET Framework 4.5+

We support every version of .NET Framework from 4.5

Support for CI/CD Pipelines

We support 4 main deployment methods, FTP, Web Deploy, AppVeyor & Azure DevOps

Unlimited Bandwidth

We don't restrict the monthly bandwidth usage

Cloudflare powered DNS and CDN

Our DNS is powered by Cloudflare, this includes a free CDN & SSL certificate

Geo Redundant

Our servers are located in two different datacenters, located in different parts of the UK

Maintained by Certified Umbraco Masters


Pick the best package for you

The only difference in our packages are the deployment methods available.

If you don't see a package which works for you, please send us a message with your requirements


£10 / month

  • Web Deploy / FTP

  • FREE Staging Environment

  • Geo Redundant

  • 30 GB Disk Space

  • Unlimited Bandwidth

  • 512MB Server Memory

  • 5GB MSSQL Database

  • MailGun SMTP Included

  • SolidCP Control Panel
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Standard +

£20 / month

  • Web Deploy / FTP

  • FREE Staging Environment

  • Geo Redundant

  • 60 GB Disk Space

  • Unlimited Bandwidth

  • 1024MB Server Memory

  • 10 GB MSSQL Database

  • MailGun SMTP Included

  • SolidCP Control Panel
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Hobbyist Bundle

£40 / month

  • Web Deploy / FTP

  • Geo Redundant

  • 60 GB Shared Disk Space

  • Unlimited Bandwidth

  • 1024MB Server Memory (Per site)

  • 10 GB MSSQL Databases (Per site)

  • Unlimited Domain Pointers (Perfect for multisite / micro sites)

  • SolidCP Control Panel
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Prices are shown excluding VAT.
Introductory pricing valid until 31/12/2021.
After this date the pricing for new orders will revert to usual price as follows: Standard £20 per month, Standard + £30 per month.
Any hosting package purchased prior to 31/12/2021 will remain at the lower price until cancelled.

Frequently Asked Questions

We will sponsor any Open Source Developer of your choosing using GitHub sponsors, with 5% or £1 or $1.40, which ever is greater, of the monthly hosting package fee.
This sponsorship will continue as long as the hosting package remains active with us.

View the full terms and conditions for this offer

Yes, we offer a free hosting package to help support Open Source Umbraco Developers.

View the full terms and conditions for this offer.

This is a little complicated.

If you host your DNS within Cloudflare, then you can manage the DNS within your own account, as we use a feature called CNAME flattening for our load balancers.

If you host your DNS with any other provider, our load balancers will only work with a subdomain (www. for example) and not the root domain, you would need to externally handle the redirect from the root domain to subdomain.
For this reason we offer to host your DNS within our Cloudflare account, handling all the tricky DNS on your behalf.

Your account will be fully opened within 24 hours of ordering and payment being received.

A single package includes a single hosting space for a single website.
A single website will consist of an apex / root domain + WWW subdomain.

You can request additional subdomains by opening a support ticket.

Yes, you can purchase additional space or increase your MSSQL limit in 5 gigabyte amounts.

The cost of this will increase the hosting package by £5 for each increase in space or MSSQL limit.