Who are we?

The hosting service offered by UmbHost has been around since 2009, under the previous name of TerrabitHost and prior to that Terrabit.Host, the rebrand into UmbHost was due to the service providing hosting to mainly Umbraco websites, and as such it was a natural progression to concentrate on this area of the market.

The rebrand into UmbHost was started in early 2021 by Aaron Sadler as a way to provide hosting services for small to medium sized websites, on the back of this it is also a way to sponsor Open Source Umbraco Developers who create some truly amazing packages from the Umbraco CMS, at no additional cost to the account holder.

Where possible we try to use Open Source software and we aim to contribute back, whether this is by a sponsorship or a pull request, by doing this it helps to keep our prices affordable.

The Team

Our team has years of experience working in the industry, learn more about them below.

Aaron Sadler, Director
Aaron Sadler


Our Director, Aaron Sadler has 15+ years experience working with, maintaining and managing hosting environments, on top of this he is an Umbraco Certified Master and has 5+ years experience working with the Umbraco CMS, from version 6 through to the latest version 9.

He is one to give back where possible, whether it's on his blog where he posts tips and tricks for all kinds of systems, or by sponsoring other developers and good causes.

He has also written several articles in the Umbraco Skrift Magazine explaining how to get started with Azure DevOps and CI/CI.


What are our plans?

We plan to build on our years of experience in the hosting industry to build a platform, which is fair, reliable, redundant and gives back to the wider open source community.

We listen to all feedback, and we use this to build our platform in the direction our customers would like, we are also happy to provide assistance to get our clients sites running on our platform, even if this includes getting hands on with the code.

We are based in the UK, with all of our team being UK based.

You can read, and learn about our infrastructure here, if you have additional questions feel free to reach out to us.