UmbSaas Terms and Conditions

Last modified: 22 June 2021

This page tells you the terms and conditions on which we will provide our UmbSaas hosting package.
UmbHost Limited may modify these terms and conditions at any time without notice.

The terms and conditions on this page are in addition to, and take precedence over our full terms and conditions, and our acceptable use policy.

  • We will provide a hosting package with Umbraco V8 pre-installed with a selection of packages.
  • The source code for our UmbSaas packages can be found on our GitHub page.
  • We will provide minor updates for any package and Umbraco V8 as included at initial delivery of the website.
  • We will provide a private GitHub repository containing the source code unique to the website.
  • We will no longer include any updates for the packages or Umbraco V8 if the source code is modified in anyway, with the exclusion being if modified by ourselves.
  • If any packages are installed into the website after initial delivery we will no longer provide updates, unless the package is installed by ourselves.
  • If any packages or Umbraco V8 are updated by anyone other than ourselves we will no longer provide updates.
  • The GitHub repository will be provided to the email address supplied during the ordering process.
  • We will only provide FTP access to the hosting package.
  • The website will be delivered with a Global Administrator account called UmbHost, if this user is suspended / removed or has any permissions modified, we retain the right to suspend / cancel the hosting package with immediate effect.
  • We will include and carry out minor updates for any packages or Umbraco V8 versions which were included at time of delivery, until such a time that the packages or Umbraco V8 version are no longer supported.
  • We will carry out any major package or Umbraco V8 upgrades at a cost of £55 per hour.
  • If a minor update is required, it is the account holders responsibility to notify us of this, and request that the update be carried out at a time agreed upon by both parties, please open a support ticket to request this.
  • We will install additional packages at a cost of £55 per hour, please open a support ticket to request this.